Thursday, January 31, 2008


16 Jan 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for praying for us! I have been buzy with reading and writing my assignment for my Doctorate program. And I have not been unable to complete it! I really need God’s grace and mercy this round.

2. I am leaving for Klang Valley, Malaysia this week for several preaching engagements. Pray that I will be able to minister the Living Word so that the various congregations will rise up to worship, serve and obey our Divine Master.

3. Many doors have been opened up and I want to use them to challenge the believers to worship the Lord through studying His word, doing His Great Commission, and valuing spiritual matters.

4. Pray that the people will fall in love with Jesus more and more, rather than the riches and wealth of this world that the prosperity preachers are peddling. I keep running into groups of believers that want

the blessings more than the Blesser,

the healings more than the Healer,

the deliverances more than the Deliverer,

the intellectual knowledge of the Bible more than the Author of the Bible,

the music about worship more than the One that should be worshipped forevermore.

5. I want to proclaim Jesus and He alone, as He is the One who has lovingly and powerfully died for us. Pray that I will not hinder the HS in anyway to bring glory to Jesus (John 16:14) but allow Him the freedom to touch many lives.

6. As I pray and plan for this year, I am receiving conflicting directions. I sense the need to spend more time studying the Word and developing materials to teach. But I also sense the need to travel more to various places to minister the Word. Pray for wisdom as I work through this contradiction.

7. Pray for Anastasia. She has gone to playschool (3 hours a day) since the beginning of the year, and she looks like she is enjoying it. She is a real social person. Pray that she will grow up trusting and serving Jesus all the days of her life.

8. Pray for Jessie as she faithfully works and takes care of Ana, her mom and me! Without her sacrificial life, I would not be able to serve the Lord in a full-time capacity. I know she will receive more in heaven than me. Further, with the spiraling cost of living in Singapore, we need to trust the Lord for His continued provision. He remains our ever faithful Jehovah Jireh!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements!

Charles Stanely once said that he believed that most Christians in most churches have never worshiped God. We go to church, but we don’t worship. We sing songs, but we don’t worship. We listen to sermons, but we don’t worship. All of these things are elements of worship but they are not worship in and of themselves which means that you can do all of them and yet have failed to truly worship God. We Christians often mistake the means of worship for worship itself.

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