Sunday, June 8, 2008


27 May 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. I am preparing to go to Klang Valley to preach in a family church camp. Jessie and Ana will be accompanying me during this trip. Appreciate your prayers for mercy journey and for the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to the campers.

2. Pray that God will manifest His glory and cause the campers to rise up to declare the majesty and greatness of God in Jesus Christ, for in Him dwells the fulness of God (Col 1:19). Bringing glory to God was the life purpose of Jesus Christ.

3. Pray that they will choose to love and worship the Triune God with all of their hearts. Pray that they will be passionate and zealous for the shekinah glory of God! Pray for me as I will also be preaching in other services before the camp.

4. After the camp, I will be back in Spore to attend my DMin lectures. Pray for me as I have several camps and teaching commitments until the end of the year.

June Klang Valley Family Church camp

Dmin lecture (Eldership)

July Penang teaching in a seminary (Leadership)

Aug Sibu preaching in an undergraduate camp

Miri preaching in family church camp

Sept Klang Valley teaching in a Bible College (Christology)

Oct Klang Valley teaching in a Bible College (Christology)

Kuching? Camp (tbc)

Nov DMin lecture (Ethics)

Dec Miri? Camp (tbc)

5. In between the travels, I am involved in giving Bible Study and counseling to various groups in Spore. Pray for me as I need divine wisdom, discipline and creativity to complete my assignments as well as to finish preparing all my teaching materials and messages.

6. There are so many needs, and it is not possible for one to minister to all of them. There are just not enough full-time trained pastors out there and the existing full-time ministers are over-stretched. Most people are avoiding full-time ministry, especially with the unrealistic demands and overly awful compensation.

7. To keep myself from burning out, I have turned down a number of invitations. Jessie has also lovingly relieved me from many household duties so that I can concentrate on the things that I need to do. She is a wonderful helpmate who understands the ever draining demands of ministry. And Ana is a great source of joy with her bubbly nature. Both are God’s loving provision to keep one sane in ministry!

8. And thank you too for your continued partnership in prayer and financial support. Without them, it would be difficult to serve so freely, without any expectations of payment from any of them. Pray that the Lord will continue to raise up more regular supporters as the ministry keep expanding – and as someone mentioned that I need to plan for my retirement now. I would have to trust the Lord that He would take care of that.

There is still time to plant the seeds of the Gospel message all over the world for the glory of God. Our mission is to proclaim Christ crucified, risen, and coming again. We do this by all means possible especially through preaching, training, discipling, and mentoring.

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