Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A church teamed up with satan to increase attendance

Detroit-Area Church Campaigns with 'Satan' Signs

By Audrey Barrick
Christian Post Reporter
Wed, Sep. 02 2009 04:00 PM EDT

Metro South Church in Trenton, Mich., is the latest church to grab the attention of the local community and media outlets through a marketing campaign that includes signs signed by Satan.

" Makes Me Sick" says one sign. " Sucks," says another.

The signs are plastered throughout the Detroit metropolitan area and lead viewers and passers-by to the website

Youth Pastor Adam Dorband told Fox 2 that the signs are intended to grab people's attention.

"There's so much noise out there that if you don't do something that's a little bit more on the edge, people just ignore it," he said.

Lead Pastor Jeremy Schossau said the campaign isn't meant to offend anyone. He felt the Satan signs were clever and whimsical.

So what does Satan have against Metro South? According to the website, it might have to do with the church helping people connect with God.

"I've been trying so hard to work with you ... but you will not get rid of this Jesus thing," a man dressed as Satan says on the website. "I hate your church."

Viewers are encouraged to check out the congregation if they have questions about God, the Bible or church or just need somebody to talk to.

The non-denominational congregation describes itself as "a different kind of church" that's relevant, loud, creative and isn't about religion. Empathizing with those who feel going to church means being scolded, subjected to boring sermons and leaving with less money, Metro South Church says it doesn't blame others for not wanting to attend.

"We think one of the biggest barriers to getting to know God has been the church itself," the church website states. "It's predictable and cold at best."

Hoping to change that, the congregation touts a "laid back environment" with "real people looking for real solutions to real life problems."

It's a "no strings attached," "come as you are" church where people can come to investigate Christianity without guilt or pressure and hear the Truth without any finger pointing.

"In short, we're doing all we can to be the same kind of church described in the New Testament," the church says.

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