Monday, January 25, 2010

Blessed Christmas 2010!

13 Dec 2009

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. TQ for your prayers for the camp that was held in Broga, Selangor, Malaysia. The 4-day camp was organized by Glad Tidings Sunway (GTS), and I was the main speaker with the theme Inside Out.

2. The camp had about 40 participants, and the Lord was gracious and touched many lives. There were about 5 pre-believers and 2 of them gave their hearts to Jesus. PTL!

3. Pray with me that the campers will continue to humbly and obediently allow the Word and the Holy Spirit to change their character and perspective as they pursue God in their lives – so that they will be transformed inside out!

4. Pray for me as I prepare for the next camp and preaching series. Jessie, Ana and I will leave for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah early next week. It will be Ana’s first trip there and we are praying that she will catch the heartbeat of God for mission.

5. The next day after arrival in KK,
- 1st - 3rd day, I will be preaching in a camp for 3 days.
- 4th day, preaching in KB, thereafter take a 2-3 hours journey to the next stop.
- 5th day, preaching two services in TB
- 6th day, preaching in church & a home fellowship in KGU
- 7th Back to KK for some R&R
- 8th Jessie & Ana fly back to Sg, whereas I stay on
- 9th teaching Bible Study (continuation from last Aug)
- 10th & 11th Head back to KB to preach in some Christmas services
- 12th Preaching in PP
- 13th Preaching in KK
- 14th Fly home

6. Pray for protection and mercy journey as we travel to all the different places. Pray for the anointing of the HS as I share the life-changing Word that many lives will be changed and empowered to live for Jesus. Pray for divine appointments, good health, and financial provisions.

7. Continue to pray that the believers in Sabah (and Sarawak too!) will be revived and be passionate to obey the Great Commission. Many are distracted with the things of the world as well as with church activities, but not necessarily with the Savior or His Word. Pray for the fire of the Spirit to fall on them afresh!

8. For those who have not heard the news, Jessie is pregnant with our second child. The baby is anticipated to come in Aug 2010. Pray for her during this time of pregnancy and travelling in Sabah. Pray for a good pregnancy and for Ana to adjust to having a sibling.

9. Pray for me too to adjust ministry commitments. After this hectic 2-weeks trip to Sabah, I will only be back for less than a week before going off to Petaling Jaya to teach in a seminary for another 2 weeks. Appreciate all your prayers!

9. And before signing off, we want to wish every one of you:

A Glorious Heavenly Father-pleasing life,
A Blessed Christ-centered Christmas and
A Joyous-Energetic Spirit-anointed 2010!

We will encounter difficulties—sometimes intense and painful trials that seem too much for us. Yet we can rely on our heavenly Father to deliver and grow us in ways we could never imagine. He doesn't demand that we endure on our own, but He does allow us to respond and trust Him. His grace is amazing!

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