Sunday, February 7, 2010

70,430 babies were born out of wedlock

Don’t take off your undies, urges anti-Valentine group
Monday February 8, 2010

BUTTERWORTH: A non-governmental organisation is up in arms against Valentine’s Day and a plan to get a group of students to go without panties on that day.

The Secretariat Against Social Ills Penang (Urusetia Menangani Gejala Sosial Pulau Pinang or Unggas) fears that the “no panties” promotion, now going on at higher learning institutions in Shah Alam, may soon find its way into secondary schools if not checked.

It said a random survey conducted at several Penang schools showed that some students were aware of the matter.

Unggas co-ordinator Nurfitri Amir Muhammad said a few of its teacher activists were even surprised to find students openly discussing it.

“We do not have any evidence if such an event is being organised among the secondary school students here, but the fact that secondary students are aware of such a promotion requires serious attention,” he told a press conference in Bagan Lalang here yesterday.

On Jan 29, The Star reported that female students in higher learning institutes in Shah Alam were being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine’s Day as an expression of true love for their boyfriends.

The “no-panties” promotion, being held for the first time, has apparently been gaining interest among the students who are passing the news by word of mouth.

Nurfitri claimed that some couples who celebrated Valentine’s Day ended up having a sex party.

He said Unggas with the Ulama Association of Malaysia (Penang Chapter), Angkatan Pemuda Pemudi Islam and Komuniti Suara Kehidupan recently started a “Valentine’s Day Trap” (Jerat Valentine’s Day) campaign to caution the people against negative activities during Valentine’s Day.

He said a team of about 500 volunteers from the organisations began distributing posters and VCDs, and would later conduct talks in night markets and other public places.

“On Valentine’s night, we will conduct a preventive operation called Operasi Sayang Remaja at Queensbay Mall in Gurney Drive and along the Butterworth Outer Ring Road stretch.

Since, we do not have enforcement powers like Jakim officers, we will concentrate on counselling and advising couples against committing adultery,” he said.

Nurfitri said National Registration Department statistics showed that about 257,000 births were registered without their fathers’ names between 2000 and July 2008.

He said 70,430 babies were born out of wedlock between 1999 and 2003.

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