Monday, January 10, 2011

Not be reborn as a dog in its next life?

No expense spared for ‘daughter’ living in style
Tuesday January 11, 2011

A COUPLE in Singapore with no children are treating their pet dog Little Snow like their own daughter, reported China Press.

They feed it with good food, enrol it in social classes, take it to the spa and even to the Buddhist temple to join in their prayers.

Identified only as Liu, in his 40s and working in the publishing industry, the dog’s owner said he and his wife love three-year-old Little Snow like their own daughter.

To ensure it has a comfortable life, Liu said he buys for the dog organic vegetables and fish and sends it to salon and spa sessions every month.

They spend as much as S$500 (RM1,150) a month for these purposes as well S$400 (RM920) for the dog to “learn to socialise” by enrolling the dog in a training class, which is a 10-week hour-long session.

“We cook for the dog. A veterinarian told me it will not take dog food anymore once it is given cooked food,” said Liu.

Since they are Buddhists, the couple also take the dog to the temple from time to time “to seek blessings so that it will not be reborn as a dog in its next life”.

Another dog lover, retiree Lan Ping Chang, 59, said all his family members love dogs.

Besides dried food, he would buy organic vegetables, pumpkins, potatoes and brown rice to ensure his pet dog has enough nutrition.

He also shared his fish liver oil, bone and joint supplements and grape glucose drink with the dog.

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