Monday, July 2, 2007

In need of prayer!

Pray for us. Baby is down with fever and cough, probably caught it from her cousin.

Mom in law is down with fever too, but recovering.

Wife is down with slight fever, but still has to be busy at work, setting the exam questions.

Now I am down! :(
And I Hate it when I am not able to be productive.

And I really need to finish the 30-page paper by end of July, as i would be busy in Aug and Sept.

And next week - 9th July till 13th July - we all will be away in Kuching and Sibu, Sarawak.

Mom wants to bring baby to see the graveyard of her mom (baby's great grandmother) in Kuching.

And to visit her sister in Sibu, as her husband passed away and is quite lonely. SO mom wants to go and encourage her.

And since wife has submitted her PhD thesis, she wants to go for a short break before the new semester begins.

Thus we ALL need to be well by this week so that we can enjoy the time in Kuching and Sibu.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Rachel Loo said...

Sibu got a lot of ganstersleh!!!Will pray for everybody's safety.

My youngest sis lost her 2nd child at 8 weeks last week.