Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Past Model

Saturday, April 17, 1736

Not finding as yet any door open for the pursuing our main design, we considered in what manner we might be most useful to the little flock at Savannah.

And we agreed

1) to advise the more serious among them to form themselves into a sort of little society, and to meet once or twice a week, in order to reprove, instruct and exhort one another;

2) to select out of these a smaller number for a more intimate union with each other, which might be forwarded, partly by our conversing singly with each and partly by inviting them all together to our house; and this, accordingly, we determined to do every Sunday in the afternoon.

John Wesley

Wesley demonstrated to us the importance of selection, the priority of one anothering (that is community). and the principle of one-on-one mentoring. Why do we seek so hard to reinvent the wheel, and create new programs, when we have models to follow?

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