Thursday, August 30, 2007

He is amazing!

29 Aug 2007

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for praying with me for the recent camp I preached for the Kuala Lumpur church.

2. They had about 30 plus campers, majority 15-17 years old. And a rare occurrence, there were more non-believers in the camp, with only 11-12 were believers. The majority was Mandarin-speaking and had a very basic level of English. Mine situation is of course the other way round – super low level of Mandarin and more English-speaking.

3. In February when they first invited me, I was asked to conduct a leadership camp. But sometime in June when they heard that many non-believers responded, the pastor asked to change it to an evangelistic camp. But 2-3 days before the camp started, we decided to change it to a motivational camp.

4. But as usual the Lord had His own plans! Through His Spirit, He touched many of them, especially the non-believers. It was the first time for them to encounter and experience the power of the reality Jesus in their lives. All the while, they had negative impressions of Jesus and Christians in general.

5. But as a result of this camp they are changing their minds as they had an exciting and personal encounter with the Spirit. Many of them were filled with the Spirit despite not understanding who He is. On the last day, they were joyously singing and shouting the song, Jesus One way. You could see the jubilations on their faces.

6. After the camp, a number of them attended church for the first time in their lives, and some requested for Bibles. PTL! Pray for their continual growth, that they will submit their lives to the resurrected Savior. Pray that they will have the strength to withstand family opposition to their faith in Christ.

7. Personally, I have been feeling this burden for the Chinese-speaking for some time. This camp had reinforced that burden and challenged me to improve my Chinese. I really need discipline, God’s special anointing, and a good Chinese tutor! (Any volunteers?!)

8. Pray for me to receive a stronger anointing to breakthrough in the lives of the people that we minister to. Pray also for greater financial support to do more ministries, as well as to pay for my studies.

9. Pray for us this week as we have an opportunity to minister to a group of Japanese students whom Jessie is teaching. Pray also that I will be able to complete my assignment for the doctorate programme.

God is amazing! He is awesome! Worship HIM!

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