Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank you for praying!

13 August 2007

Dear Friends,

1. Thank you for your prayers and encouragements! Since starting on my doctorate studies, I have been busy trying to complete my assignments. I allocated the past two months to complete it, and hence reduced my travelling. Unfortunately I have not been able to complete the whole assignment. I need your prayers to rush through it.

2. This week I am travelling to Kuala Lumpur to preach in camp. Please pray for the campers, about half (20) are not yet believers and they are more Chinese-speaking. Pray that I will have wisdom to relate with them and that the Holy Spirit will convict them with the Word of God.

3. Pray that they will have a powerful encounter and revelation of the true and living God that will cause them to willingly submit their hearts to Him. Pray that they will truly worship Jesus as the only Way, the only Truth and and the only Life.

4. After that camp, I will be back for a week or two before going up again to KL for another 2 weeks to teach in a Bible School there. Pray for my preparations as I would be teaching the pastors on Interpreting the Old Testament.

5. Thank you for your prayers for Anastasia. She is now about 19 months old! (Time really flies!) She is full of energy, running all over. Pray that she will grow up always making right choices to love and fear the true and living Triune God. I try to do it every day to dedicate her to the Sovereign Lord and to His royal service, and that she will indeed proclaim the resurrected Christ as her name Anastasia means resurrection.

6. Thank you for your prayers for Jessie. She has submitted her PhD thesis and is now awaiting her Oral defense or viva, probably scheduled early next year. Praying that all will go well and that she will be able to convocate in July 2008.

7. Now with the thesis out of the way, she is back to giving Bible Study and follow-up to others. Pray for divine wisdom and strength. Pray for me too as I continue to disciple different groups, that they will catch the vision of obeying the Great Commission of Christ in their generation.

All the glory, majesty, honor and power to Him, forever and ever.

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