Friday, September 14, 2007

KL … again

14 Sept 2007

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for keeping us in prayer! And thank you for all your birthday greetings!

2. Just want to request for your prayer support for this coming 2 weeks. I will be in Kuala Lumpur to teach in a Bible school to a group of pastors on Interpreting the OT.

3. This is an important subject as it affects their preaching and teaching to their congregation. Pray for wisdom and anointing of the Holy Spirit as I teach and prepare them for future ministries.

4. Anastasia, Jessie and her mom (3 generations!) will be coming up the second week when I am there, as it coincides with Jessie’s one week break. My parents have not really seen Ana, especially now that she can run and err ... babble! Pray for mercy journey.

5. Just to follow up. In the last mail, I mentioned that a theological school conducted a course in Kuching. PTL, around 30 participants came and many were challenged to deepen their study of the Bible. Pray that this initiative will prepare more effective spiritual leaders.

6. And to follow up about the camp in the previous mail,, a number of them who accepted the Lord during the camp are still attending the youth service in the church. We rejoice that they are responding to the work of the Spirit in their hearts.

7. And once I am back from KL, within a week I will be flying off to Miri and Kuching. Going to Miri to observe the theoloical course, which I had a hand in initiating it. Then flying to Kuching to preach in a camp during the Hari Raya holidays.

8. Then I need to be back in Spore to start mugging for my DMin module, which starts in mid-Nov. And that assignment should keep me busy for the next 2 months. Like everyone else in a globalized world, we are just too busy for our own good.

Cease from your own human wisdom. Don't wear yourself out running after earthly things. Don't make haste at any cost to be rich – the end does not justify the means. Don't love money and use people – love people and use money! Don't put your trust in money or possessions, because they are perishable and could be destroyed or taken from you, but God is incorruptible and eternal.”

Bro Ong

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