Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blessed CNY 2008!

5 Feb 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

Blessed Chinese New Year!!!

May you discover the real prosperity

that the eternal God has promised each of us!

J~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C

E~~~~This is the ~~~~~h

S~~~~YEar of grace, ~~R

U~~~NOT rat race! ~~~~I

S~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ T

1. In the midst of all your last minute shopping, just want to quickly wish those of you who are celebrating the Lunar New Year, “A Spiritually-Prosperous and A Spirit-Empowered Chinese New Year.”

2. Please pray for me during this season as I will be preaching in Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. http://global-south.blogspot.com/2008/02/foundation-builder.html While you are munching away on the CNY goodies and drinking the F&N orange, I would be sharing God’s Word and ministering to the East Malaysians working in JB.

3. For those of you who have been on my prayer list for some time, would know that this is an annual affair. For the past 4 or 5 years, I would be invited by the same church in JB to preach for their church camp which is normally held over the CNY holidays.

4. These are tribal folks who do not celebrate the Chinese New Year. They celebrate their own new years which are called the Gawai (for Sarawak) and Kaamatan (Sabah) festivals. It is normally held during the May-June period.

5. Pray that the Lord would minister to them and set them free to worship Him, the incomparable Sovereign God of the universe. I am just a willing vessel who requires His anointing and empowerment.

6. Pray that the Lord will send revival among them and transform them, so that they can influence their communities. They usually have a lot of problems with heavy drinking, immorality, smoking, money-management, juvenile delinquents, lying, job hopping, occultic practices, and other works of the flesh. I think you get the picture.

7. They need J*sus! And though they have verbally and mentally believed in Him, they have yet to allow Him to control their lives. Pray also for the pastor and wife who have been faithfully laboring among them.

8. If you have been thinking of giving and blessing our ministry, then this is a good time to do it. I don’t have to keep their offering, if you give your offering. Then I can use their love offering to bless them, so that they can have some angpows for the New Year. This is my little part to bless the faithful pastors who have labored long and hard in obscurity.

9. As I have always jokingly mentioned, I will “rob” the tithes and offerings from the richer Chinese Christians to bless the poorer tribals! I know it sounds like the bumiputra policy, but its’ actually kingdom principle (2 Cor 11:6-10).

Thanks for praying! May this Lunar New Year be a time for reflection about our spiritual walk, and consider ways we can glorify Him more.

A true worshipper will not only worship the correct God, Jesus Christ, but he will also worship Him in the correct way (acceptable worship). True worship must be directed towards the correct object, Christ and done in the correct manner, the way which He has prescribed in the Scriptures. We must worship Christ in spirit and in truth.

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