Sunday, February 3, 2008

Foundation Builder

1st February 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for covering us with your prayers! As mentioned in the previous prayer letter, I had a series of preaching and ministry session in Klang Valley (KV).

2. I really sensed the Lord’s wonderful presence due to your prayers. I was not very prepared or spiritual as I was caught up with my assignments and other responsibilities. But the Lord was merciful to me on account of your intercessions.

3. I had preached in upmarket office fellowships, small Chinese-speaking and Malay-speaking churches located in the outskirts of town, cell groups, and with campus undergraduates.

4. Pray for me as I ponder on making more regular trips to KV as the Lord has opened many doors for ministries. Pray for guidance and divine appointments as I do not want to go just for the sake of going. There must be a strategic divine purpose to spend that much time, effort, and finance to be there – and especially to be away from Anastasia during her formative years.

5. Further, I do not want to be distracted from the vision of making disciples of ALL ethnic groups of people. If I can, I would like to mentor and rise up spiritual leaders who are passionate to fulfill the Great Commission of J*sus, in their generation and in their context.

6. Pray for me that I would be sensitive to the leading of the HS and keep in step with Him (Gal 5:25). I do not want to be ahead of Him or like most of the time, lagging behind Him. I really need to be in tune with Him as the harvest is ripening and many souls are being saved.

7. In the last few trips, I keep listening to powerful testimonies of how individuals came to Christ through visions and dreams. God is just marvelously saving many people and they in turn are sharing contagiously with their friends. Its’ amazing! Even Unreached People Group are coming to worship J*sus.

8. But since they are new babes in Christ, they need a lot Biblical teachings. Some are already confused about their eternal salvation in Christ. I found myself teaching foundational matters that I had taught in the mid-1980s. That’s how I know it’s a whole new generation of people.

9. Pray that I may have the wisdom to minister to them. Just like 26 years ago when I first innocently ministered to the rural-tribal East Malaysians and now many of them are serving in various leadership capacity, I pray too that I might have a harvest among these group of people (Rom 1:13).

10. And in case you are going for a long holiday, I wish those who are celebrating “Blessed Chinese New Year! May you find your prosperity in Jesus and in the kingdom of God!” Pray for me during that season as I will be away in Johor Bahru, Malaysia preaching among the Malay-speaking tribal East Malaysians.

11. And in case in this season, you want to give some angpows, do remember us.

The nature of discipleship is such that it allows no divided loyalties. If one chooses to follow Jesus, the commitment and service entailed are absolute. It is impossible to be a partially committed or part-time disciple; it is impossible to serve two masters, whether one of them be wealth or anything else, when the other master is meant to be God.

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