Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Energy

22 Oct 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for your prayers during my last trip to Klang Valley (KV). It was rather hectic with a lot of meeting up and ministry. I arrived on Sat and was meeting with several leaders from various churches. That evening itself I was doing premarital counseling (PMC).

2. Sun morn. Preached in an all-African church in Sunway area. It is just a month plus old church and I was the first non-African preacher to share in their pulpit. Later in the afternoon, was preaching in another all-African church in Jalan Ipoh. They had been in existence for over 10 years in KV. The gospel seed gets spread through migration.

3. It was a joy to preach to them. Many of them later spoke words of encouragement to me, saying that they would like to bring me back to their nation and preach there. If you have ever heard African preaching (I have been listening to it for years!), then you will understand that they will want the preacher to shout and “reprimand” them. To Asian congregations, I would be considered harsh and sarcastic. But to the Africans, this is how they like it!

4. On Mon-Wed nights I was teaching in the Bible School on Christ and Salvation. Thur, I was teaching in office fellowship and encouraging them to prioritize the Word of God. They need a strong foundation in the Word.

5. Fri, I was teaching in a government Uni fellowship and encouraging the undergrads to intentionally choose to obey Jesus throughout their lives. This generation need to fall in love with Jesus. On Sat, I was meeting with various groups and individuals and continued on the PMC.

6. Sun morn, was preaching in an English service. Sun noon, was preaching in a Malay-language service. The needs among East M’sian tribal churches in West M’sia is great. They need more trained workers.

7. On Mon morn, I did one-to-one Bible study to different undergrads in a private college. I am concerned that most of them still do not have a strong basic foundation in Christ. They are very potential in the Lord, but in need of some teachings. Pray for me as I seek the Lord for direction and guidance in this critical area.

8. On Mon-Wed night I was back to teach my course in the Bible School, but I did not manage to complete the syllabus. I was too ambitious and tried to cover too many grounds, plus the students asked many questions. Next year, Feb&Mac, I will be teaching on a course on How to do PMC.

9. On Thur, I taught again in the office fellowship. Friday, I continued on teaching among the undergrads. Fri night, I was preaching in a Chinese Methodist church that was reaching out to Chinese-speaking college students. The Lord ministered to many of them as I challenged them to live for Him, who rose from the dead.

10. On Sat, I attended a Hari Raya open house celebration. Then I visited a Korean church. It is exciting to see what God is doing in different communities in KV.

11. On Sun, I preached in an English-language service and then in the afternoon I preached in a Malay-language service in Kepong. Its basically an indigenous (OA) people group and mixture with East M’sian. God ministered in a powerful manner among them.

12. Then Mon, I journeyed home to Singapore. I really appreciate your continued prayers and intercessions during the time of ministry in KV. Pray for me as I continue to humbly try to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations and to raise spiritual leaders – especially among the Malay-speaking tribal people, English-speaking undergrads and working professionals, and recently among the Mandarin-speaking.

14. Pray for me as I continue to mentor the previous batches who are already working and some married with kids. I need to have divine wisdom and enduring energy to continue to coach the various leaders whom God has entrusted. I want to remain focus to do mission, mentoring, and multiplying leaders for the kingdom of God.

May we respond to the Lord’s command to make disciples that will make other disciples wherever we go.

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