Tuesday, October 21, 2008


3 Oct 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Pray for me as I head to Klang Valley again to complete the 12 sessions of class on Christ and Salvation (6 sessions already completed in Sept, and another 6 more in Oct).

2. Pray for wisdom and creativity to teach this important course to the pastors and leaders, who will in turn teach their members. We must all proclaim the Christ of the Bible.

3. Pray also for the empowering of the HS as I will be preaching in some churches again. I will be preaching in 2 African churches in Klang Valley (KV). They tell me that there are 16 African congregations in KV – wholly runned by themselves.

4. I hope to encourage them to love and worship the Lord, obey His word and be involved in His mission. There is nothing else more critical and exciting than that – at least in my mind!

5. Then after 2 weeks in KV, I will be back and will be busy rushing my 4th module for my doctorate program. I need to complete 7 modules and one thesis (which I am targetting to write by 2010). Continue to pray for me as I am fighting for time to do the assignments as well as all the ministry commitments.

6. Pray for Jessie and me, as we are going to London and Germany at the end of Oct for a week. Jessie is being sent by the Uni to attend some training in Cologne, Germany. So I thought it is a good time to visit some of the people that I have mentored before who are either working or studying there. We also hope to visit some friends and ministry contacts as well.

7. I had wanted to extend the trip to other parts of Europe but with time and money constraint, I decided to confine it within London and Germany.

8. Pray for Ana as this will be the first time that Jessie and I will be away together without her. She is in the phase where she wants daddy and mommy around her all the time. Pray that she will grow up loving, worshipping, and obeying Jesus all the days of her life. Pray that she will uncompromisingly and untiringly proclaim the resurrection message of Jesus.

9. Continue to pray as I prepare to preach in the family camp in Port Dickson at the end of Nov/early Dec. Then a few days later, I will fly to Miri to preach in the youth camp on Love, Sex, and Dating (for the morning sessions) and Christian family and parenting (for the night sessions, where parents are expected to come).

9. It was a good thing that the Thailand youth camp and Cell leaders training that I was supposed to preach/teach in was cancelled, probably due to the unrest there. I would had to rush from one end to the other. I have also turned down some invitations to Indonesia as time did not permit.

10. There are just so many needs and not enough laborers. To make matters worse, some laborers refuse to get adequate training, and hence take a longer time to get to the place of greater effectiveness.

Thank you for encouraging and keeping us in prayer. Without it, we are unable to scale greater heights for the Lord.

Zeal without practical wisdom can lead to heartache and the squandering of Kingdom resources. Lord, grant us the humility to receive Your divine wisdom!

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