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29 Sept 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,
(continue from the previous mail.)

1. After Wed night class in the Bible college, I went home to my parents’ place in PJ. In the middle of the night I woke up with tummy ache and started vomitting. I suspect I had a stomach flu.

2. I was purging and was completely knocked out! I had to cancel my breakfast and lunch appointments and rest at home. I struggled with the need to rest as there are people that I want to meet – but the Lord knew the needs of my body better. It was time to recuperate.

3. Towards Thurs evening, though significantly weak, I had to prepare to go and preach in an evening office service. The message went well as the Lord gave me strength to share His word. I shared that in the light of the political turmoils in the country, Jesus said blessed are those who are persecuted for His sake.

4. On Fri noon, I attended a private uni fellowship to observe the new generation. End of last year, I sensed the Lord saying to go back to do tertiary ministry, which I have neglected for some time. So now I am taking every opportunity I have to engage them.

5. Then I was off to a government uni to have Bible Study (BS) with some of the fellowship leaders. I still believe strongly in small group discipling and mentoring. I did this back in 1980’s and have continued to do so as I believe in the biblical mandate. Disciples are made, not borned.

6. After the 2 hours plus BS, I have to rush off to another appointment with one of the leaders from a local Chinese mainline church. I probably will be preaching in one of their meetings in Oct. Pray that as I start sowing among the Chinese-speaking, many will come to Jesus.

7. After the appointment, I was transferred to the person who was fetching me home. They were in someone’s house having a party to celebrate the mooncake festival. When most of them went out to the porch to play the lantern, I chatted with a girl who stayed back.

8. Within 10 minutes of the conversation, she started exhibiting signs that she was under spiritual attack. She is a new believer and was somewhat confused about Jesus and her old religion. In the midst of that confusion, one of her lecturers taught her to chant some mantras.

9. This aggravated the situation, and thus when I was conversing with her, she was like in some trance. Most unfortunately she was not ready to be delivered nor was the situation convenient. I could only give some advice to the leaders there.

10. The next day, Sat, I was preaching in a church where 90% of the members are ex-drug addicts, including the pastors and elders. It is a combination of 4 Christian drug rehab centers coming together to pioneer a church.

11. Many of them testify that they have been in and out of many rehabs, and yet could not be delivered. It was only when they turned to Jesus that they manage to remain clean and sober. Pray for the leaders as they continue to lovingly touch their community with the power of Jesus. http://www.kenosis.com.my

12. On Sun morn, I was preaching to a Malay-language church that was recently pioneered a few months ago. The Lord challenged many of them to live morally pure lives as they are confronted with numerous temptations.

13. They are living away from their families, in the heart of the modern Corinthian city, and have a propensity to indulge in such lifestyle. It is a young church without any theologically-trained pastors. Pray that they will grow and be matured in the Lord.

14. After lunch, I went off to preach in another Malay-language service in PJ. This congregation is slightly different from the morning congregation. The members are married and slightly older, and they are under the supervision of English-speaking pastors. I shared on the need to have divine perspective.

15. On Mon-Wed night, I was back teaching again on Christology. On Tues noon, I preached in the chapel service of the Bible college. They had about 70-80 pastors and trainee pastors. I shared on the importance of digging deep on their foundation, as they prepare themselves for long-term ministry.

16. I have shared all this to show how diverse ministry has become and the increased need to be adaptable to the various congregations. Pray for wisdom and the anointing of the HS to minister to each of them in their context.

Thank you for journeying with me.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us and through our limitations, our ministry will be far more effective than if performed by some highly talented person who relies on himself and fails to depend on God. Lord, we rely on YOU, empower us with Your Spirit!

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