Monday, September 29, 2008

Solid foundation

24 Sept 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. TQ for keeping us in prayers during my last trip to Klang Valley (KV). The main assignment was to teach in one of the Bible Colleges there.

2. Allow me to take you on my journey. I left Spore on Friday morn and upon arrival at Berjaya Times Square, one of my ex-students whisked me off to do some reflexology. My first time – it was fun and painful!

3. Then it was a mad rush to a suburban church, north of KV as I was preaching that night. I had also invited another person to accompany me so that I can exposed him to other ministries. PTL, we reached the church (A) on time and I could preach the lifegiving Word.

4. On Sat morn, I accompanied the pastor as workers came to carpet the church floor. The pastor – whom I have mentored before in the past, 28 years ago – have just pioneered this church less than 3 months ago. So trying to encourage him in this new ministry.

5. On Sat night, I preached for the youth service in another nearby church (B), which is also under the same pastor’s care. PTL! The anointing of the HS was wonderfully strong during this service. It was like God showed up and many lives were being ministered.

6. The pastor was happy and immediately asked me to come and preach for their family camp at the end of Nov in Port Dickson. Thus I will be preaching for that camp. Pray?

7. Sun morning service (B), I preached on Paul’s desire and priestly duty to plant churches in areas where the gospel is not yet being proclaimed.

8. Sun night service (A), this service is the first official Mandarin service for them. It was a small turnout but there was a lot of fun. They “forced” me to preach in my broken Mandarin! They helped me read the Chinese text and supplied the words that I am not sure. They had fun at my expense!

9. But unknown to them that day (7th Sept) was my birthday (21st? ), and I felt it was the Lord’s way of challenging me to preach in Mandarin. I have been jokingly telling people that I will preach my first Mandarin sermon this year, but I had never planned for it – until that night.

10. All the months of attending Mandarin service and learning the language is now paying a bit of dividend. Nevertheless, I am not too hasty. I still have a long journey ahead. God willing, I hope to go to China next year. Pray?

11. Then from Mon-Wed nights, I was in the Bible College teaching on Christ and Salvation. I have 11 pastors and church leaders. A number of them are taking Systematic Theology for the first time in their lives – and thus overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and the required depth of thinking.

12. But this course is extremely essential and I dare not dilute it, as they will be preaching to many people in the years to come. If they miss the deity and humanity of Christ, then their preaching is not based on solid foundation. We must proclaim Christ and Him resurected Him!

(I will continue on my Prayer Letter next few days so that you will not be bored reading such a long mail.)

God bless!

TQ for your presence, prayers, and provisions. Jesus is God! Worship Him!

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