Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He is Lord of the nations!

4 Sept 08

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for your indispensable support and intercessions. I left for Klang Valley and upon arrival preached for the National Uni of Malaysia (UKM) Christian fellowship.

2. It brought back memories as I was involved with them since 1988 when some of my East M’sian tribal students became leaders and committee members in the fellowship. It was encouraging to see another new generation taking the baton.

3. After preaching and the mandatory drinking (“mamak” sessions) with the students, I returned to the city for supper! I was advising an emerging elder-leader on how to manage a new church and the leadership requirements.

4. The next day rushed off to the airport to fly off to Sibu, Sarawak . At night, as my host was involved, I joined in the last session of the 40 days of purpose-driven life campaign, conducted by the Chinese Methodist church.

5. The next day, headed to the campsite and preached for the Curtin Uni students who arrived from Miri, a 7 hours bus journey. It consisted of mainland Chinese students, Nigerians, Zimbabwean, West M’sians Chinese and Indian, tribals, half-Italian, and Bruneian.

6. The camp theme was God’s promises – based on Noah’s life. I believe the Lord chall eng ed many of them to believe in God’s unfailing faithfulness. On the return trip to Miri, we saw two beautiful rainbows, a reminder of God’s promises to Noah.

7. After a night in Miri, I flew off to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah . One of the ex-student on holiday took me to Manukan Island , a beautiful beach with many coral fishes. It was part of the Amazing Race USA . But we got sunburned!

8. The next two days was catching up with various people and ex-students whom I have not seen for some years. Also ministered in a family meeting where the Lord touched their lives and chall eng ed them to return to Him.

9. Then I flew back to Miri to preach in a family camp for a Baptist church there. The camp theme was Families on a Mission . A number of them were working in oil and gas related companies as well as Curtin Uni. One of the lecturer brought 10 mainland Chinese students, most of them non-believers.

10. The Lord was gracious and touched many of the parents’ heart through the preaching of His Word and through the altar call times. There were some deliverances from demonic oppressions.

11. The China students who were atheists, were touched by the Lord for the first time in their lives. They never had hands laid on them and felt the power of God. You should have seen their faces when the anointing of the Holy Spirit hit them!

12. It was the last day and I quickly left for the airport to fly back to JB, and to meet with another pastor to discuss the program of his camp. I am preaching again in Miri in Dec on Love, Sex, and Dating. (I am Dr. Love?!)

13. Now I am busy preparing to leave this Friday to Klang Valley for 2 weeks to teach in a Bible School there. http://www.bcm.org.my/ Pray for the Lord’s anointing as I teach the pastors and leaders on the Deity of Christ and His salvation.

14. Pray for Jessie and Anastasia. When I told Ana today that Daddy is going away, she replied in surprise, “Again?!” It was so heartbreaking to see her sad 2 year 8 months old face.

Thank you for your presence, prayers, and provisions. Jesus is Alive! Worship Him!

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