Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the beginning …

April’s Fool Day 2009

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement during the past few weeks when I was in Klang Valley (KV).


2. On the 15th March (Sunday), I preached in EFC Cheras. Those of you who have been on my e-prayer letter for more than 9-10 years (in the 1980s, I used to send snail mails) would have known that I had organized hundreds of camps in the 1980s/90s.

3. And it all began in April 1983 when I conducted the first Malay-language Discipleship Camp for the East Malaysians. I was looking for a venue and finally approached my ex-school teacher at that time to allow us to use his church premises. He has just gotten involved in a new pioneering church and had become one of the elders. The church board graciously allowed us to use the church for 5-6 days. About 5 students came for this maiden camp.

4. Now after 26 years later, almost to the month I had the privilege to return to thank the church for their investment – though half of them were not even borned at that time! They have moved to a new premise now as the church has also grown.

5. My ex-school teacher who has now retired, is the elder-chairman of the church. We had not met since my first camp in 1983 and it was only late last year that I finally reconnected to him. He kindly invited me to come and preached the Word.


6. During the fellowship time with the other church members, he shared how I was like a mini pastor taking care of the school illegal Christian fellowship at that time, which I had never thought of it in that light. Incidentally, one of these fellowship students, had become a pastor. I have been mentoring him for some years, and he now preaches regularly in the Malay language.

7. I mentioned to him that I met the ex-school teacher and he said that the same ex-teacher sponsored the first Bible that he had. At that time, he had just accepted the Lord and did not have the money to buy a Bible – and the school teached sponsored, probably RM10. That kingdom investment had multiplied many times over.


8. On the 16th March, Jessie and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary – apart! On that day, in the late morn, I started a new Bible Study group to teach college students in KV and in the nite, continue teaching the Pre-Marital Counseling (PMC) course.

9. Without Jessie’s love and commitment, I would not have been able to be released to do the work of the ministry. Both of us knew that the vision of our marriage was to actively serve the Lord and be involved in touching as many lives as we can. Continue to pray us. Pray for Jessie as she leads and mentors her Discipleship Group in Singapore.


10. In the previous email, I mentioned that one of our goddaughters insisted for me to do the treadmill. On the 19th March, I went for the stress test – and the doctor said that based on the results, I do not have any blocked arteries. But my blood pressure (bp) is high and need to be brought down – its around 145/100.

11. For the past one month, I have been on this weight loss program. Just a few days ago, I took my bp and it has come down significantly. By God’s grace and some good discipline, I think I would be back to the normal of 125/85. Pray for divine health and healing.


12. On the 22nd Mar, I preached in an A/G church in Cheras. I had mentored the pastor in the late 1990s, when she was still a student. It is wonderful to see her become a pastor and become involved in mission. That’s the reason why I continue to mentor as many people as I can – so that we can see more people in the work of the ministry. Pray for more strength.

13. TQ for praying! I finished lecturing on the Ezra-Nehemiah (morn classes) and the PMC (evening classes). Both in the Malay-language department. The students mentioned that they were very blessed as it was something new and fresh. Pray that they will build strong marriages in their lives and ministry.


14. Last year, I proposed to the Bible college to do some short courses or seminar for the Malay-language churches and give them some credit hours. Thus when a local church invited me to conduct a seminar with them, I suggested to them to repackage it to be a credit accumulating program.

15. And on the 28th Mar, they launched the first course for the Malay-language Certificate in Ministry program. I was privileged to be the first lecturer and taught on Spiritual Leadership from 9am to 6pm. They had about 17 participants.


16. On the 29th Mar (Sun), I preached in a Baptist church in Kota Damansara. The pastor introduced me as one of her spiritual mentors who had encouraged her in her journey to ministry. She was one of the participants in the Leadership Bible study (LBS) that I used to conduct from 2003-2005.

17. That season I committed to travel to KV once a month for 2 years to teach several groups – sometimes as small as 3-4 people – because I believed that some of them had a divine call in their lives. At that time, no one noticed them and believed that they could become spiritual leaders. It’s a joy to see another one more enter into full-time ministry to strengthen the Body of Christ.

18. Pray for me to have discernment and wisdom to mentor the goers, the doers, and the givers – and to prune away the talkers, the dabblers and the criticizers – who waste time giving excuses and sapping one’s energy. As time is against me, I must spend time with the right ones and help them to optimize their calling in Christ.

TQ for your prayers, investment, and support!

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