Friday, May 1, 2009

My Love Affairs

25 Aug 2004

1. I just came back from Kuching, Sarawak, preaching in a camp there. About 45 students came. Thanks to your intercessions and the Lord's awesomeness, about 10 accepted the Lord and about 35 were filled with the HS. Your prayers and support do have an impact!

2. Each time when I am in East Malaysia (EM), I will always remember how 26 years ago I first came into contact with them. And this love affair with them has continued up till today. Hey, I even married one of them (FYI, Jessie was born in Sarawak and at 7 years old onwards she moved over to Spore).

3. This Kuching camp was organized by Donald and Retty. They generously opened up their newly completed double storey, corner lot house to be used as the campsite. They had to rush to get the house ready for camp, and as usual the Lord came through and helped them.

4. And beside them, Asan and wife, Eraou and wife came to help to lead in songs, teach in workshops, pray for the students and did whatever that was needed to be done.

5. I rejoice to see the seeds that was being sown 20 years ago, when I first started ministering to them, has now taken root and growing and bearing fruit for the kindgom of God. I rejoice at the harvest of souls that we are now reaping. Previously it was tough, but now after paying the price for pioneering the work, it has become much easier.

6. And we continue to sow into the lives of the younger generation by teaching them the Word and mentoring them – in hope that they too will bear fruits for Jesus in the future. I am waiting for the day when the younger generation start reaching out to others and possibly organizing their own camps.

7. Many of you have stood by us and believed in this vision and supported us financially, despite the fact that there were so much uncertainties. And in so many ways you were the unsung hero in this ministry – and for that we thank you. You too share an inheritance among them.

8. And now as we actively sow among the Unreached People Group (UPG) – who has far more uncertainties and much slower rate of response – we thank you for your faithful prayers and constant support in advance.

9. It is my prayer that as I keep sowing among the UPG, God will allow me to reap a bountiful harvest among them (Rom 1:13), just as He has permitted me to reap a harvest among the tribes of EM. The work among the UPG is also one of my major love affairs in mission work for God.

10. It is my vision to see dozens, if not hundreds, of house churches springing up from among them. Hey, we may even have camps for them, just like what we have done for the EM. However I recognize different groups requires different strategy to reach out to them.

11. At present, we only have one small budding house church to talk about. And yet individuals who has been full-time at this work for the past 20 years, has yet to be able to start even one. For that I thank God for the privilege to be able to experience this firstfruits. Pray for more house churches to come! and believe me, it can only come through intercessions.

Thank you for praying! Thank you for your support! May Jesus be continually lifted up for then He will draw all men to Himself.

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