Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Target: 10,000

16 June 2004

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for keeping us in prayer! We need it!

2. During my trip to Bandung in March, I sensed the need to increase more prayer partners. Presently, in our mailing list, we have about 600 individuals.

3. But like any other normal mailing list, I estimate may be only about 100 individuals are actually praying for us. Others would just read it for information and encouragement – and that’s very normal.

4. I sense the need to increase it to 10,000 prayer partners. I know that this would not happen overnight but it is a target that I would like to work towards. And the reality is that out of 10,000, may be about 1,500 individuals would actually pray.

5. There are so much things happening in our lives and ministries that I sense an urgency to be immersed and flooded in intercessory prayer. The experts on intercession will tell us that whenever God is about to birth something new, there is always an accompanied increase prayer activities.

6. I’ve been sensing that God wants to enlarge and birth new ministries in the coming months and years. THIS IS A CRUCIAL TIME TO INCUBATE IT IN PRAYER. Only God can establish and make these ministries fruitful.

7. Hence I aspire to recruit more prayer partners who would cover us in prayer. Without a stronger prayer support, it would be harder to breakthrough among the various people groups that we are reaching out to.

8. I wish some of the believers would realise that they are combating for peoples’ spiritual destinies – and that they would not be so complacent. The sacrifices that we made on their behalf should not be in vain – but they would quickly rise up and fulfil their potential in the Lord, instead of always giving lame excuses why their careers, families, holidays are far more important than the kingdom of God.

9. You can help us by regularly praying for us. Please email us to tell us – it does not have to be long. Just one line – “I hear you” or something like that. That would be an encouragement to us – especially those who never or seldom write to us.

10. In addition, you can forward the emails of friends who may be interested in such ministries. We will include them in our prayer list. You can also “adopt” us to be prayed for in your fellowships, cell groups, churches and others.

Thank you for praying for us. May the Lord’s will be done in His time, in His way, in His power, and through His channels.

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