Friday, October 23, 2009

Flirts with someone other than his/her spouse

Marriage “Red Flags”

Steve and Vickie Hall

(These things are signals that could eventually lead to the failure of a marriage. Remember, it takes TWO people with God’s wisdom, to make a successful marriage. It only takes ONE person to ruin it! If either of you has a problem with any of these things, GET IT FIXED IMMEDIATELY! If necessary, get help! If not, it may well cost you your marriage! )

One spouse cares more about keeping the kids happy than keeping his/her spouse happy

One spouse enjoys being with someone else more than with his/her spouse

One spouse has an anger problem

One spouse expects to get his or her way most all the time

One spouse teases the other with teasing that stings

One spouse flirts with someone other than his/her spouse

One spouse is not willing to work on improving the marriage

One spouse is not interested in learning the other’s needs

One spouse takes the other for granted

One spouse is not interested in spiritual growth

One spouse does not treat the other with basic politeness and does not show basic respect

One spouse is not interested in meeting the other’s sexual needs

One spouse seeks to pressure the other into doing things that are uncomfortable for him/her.

One spouse tries to manipulate the other with guilt or threats

One spouse is addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or pornography

One spouse is not willing to do his/her part for the financial well being of the marriage

One spouse is not willing to share significantly in chores and work around the house

One spouse almost always expects the other to apologize when there are misunderstandings

One spouse blames the other for his or her own irresponsible behavior (e.g., “You make me get angry!”)

One spouse is consumed with jealousy. (A desire to protect your spouse from others is healthy unless it turns into irrational, uncontrolled jealousy!)

One spouse desires to completely control the behavior of the other spouse.

One spouse shows signs of not having any skills in relating to people or authorities. (e.g., getting into legal trouble, being fired from jobs, angry clashes with family members, etc.)

One spouse has a problem telling the truth.

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