Saturday, November 21, 2009

25,000 children die per day due to poverty

Facts About the Worlds' Children

2.2 billion worldwide
143 million are orphans
2 million were HIV-positive at the end of 2007
25,000 die per day due to poverty
3 million have no shoes
Every three minutes in a developing nation a child dies from malnutrition
9.2 million who were born in 2007 died before age 5
One in seven have no access to health services
400 million have no access to safe water
One in three do not have adequate shelter
121 million are not educated

Sources: U.N. AIDS; U.S. DOJ; UNICEF;

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Anonymous said...

I think it is disgraceful that these poor children have no choice but to deal with this, I know that systems have been put in place and charities are doing all they can but more needs to be done.