Wednesday, June 13, 2007

13 June 2007

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for your prayers. I had been sustained by them!

2. I had a long week of lectures for the Doctorate in Ministry (DMin) program. The theme was on Global Missions by the Globalized Church.

3. I enjoyed the readings, lectures, and interactions. My coursemates came from various parts of the world, and they all have wonderful testimonies of God’s amazing grace in their lives.

4. There is so much to share, but I do not want to overwhelm you. I have created a simple blog to occassionally write some of my thoughts as well as to include some personal updates.

5. Would love to have your comments and inputs. Btw, if there are some techies out there, you can help me improve on it, especially with all the links and htmls.

6. I have called it Global South, because the center of Christianity is moving from the Western world, which is normally located in the Northern Hemisphere, to the Southern Hemisphere. Christianity is booming in the Global South (Latin America, Africa, and Asia), but declining rapidly in the West.

7. What would this mean for us, Asians in particular, who are believers in the Resurrected Savior? What are the long-term implications for the Asian churches? I am probably writing a paper on training non-Western missionaries and spiritual leaders. I welcome any insights and comments.

That’s all for now. May we all continually be passionate for missions, because God is always passionate for missions. And its also the reason why the Church exists.


The Hedonese said...

Welcome to blogdom, taiko! Boleh pakai ka? :)

Global-South said...

For others, I may not let them pakai (use) so freely. But for you and the Agora gang, its definitely free! :) That reminds me that I have not collected "royalty" for the idea of Agora.

The SHY "taiko" (Cantonese for Big Brother)

P/S: I have a number of non-Chinese and non-BM readers. So will translate for their sake. What to do - globalized! :))

Rachel Loo said...

Eh, your blog a bit plainlah....and the font a bit big?
Anyway, good try.