Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Misallocation and misdirection of resources?

"Today half of all Christians in the world, and perhaps 70 percent of all Evangelicals, live in these traditional 'mission fields', but we continue to invest 90% of our recruiting, training, and funding to send Western missionaries to pretty much those same fields."

Source: Chuck Bennett, "The problem with success," EMQ, January 1996, p. 20.

Murray, president of Columbia International University in South Carolina and former general director of The Evangelical Alliance Mission, says about 3,800 (about 5%) of the country's 70,000 graduating students in Evangelical seminaries say that they plan to become cross-cultural missionaries.

The other 95% are planning to minister in North America - which is home to only 5 percent of the world's population, and which is the most evangelized.

Source: "We asked ...," World Pulse, 4 August 1995, 3.

Where are we investing our limited church resources? To the unsaved or to the already over-evangelized and already converted?

Where are the frontier and pioneer missionaries?
Where are the non-Western missionaries and leaders?

If we really believe that mission is the heart beat of God and His main priority, where are we investing our resources?

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