Thursday, December 13, 2007


21 Nov 2007

Dear Praying Partners,

1. Thank you for keeping us in prayers! I was sick for more than a week, but still had to preach as I had agreed earlier! PTL! I am almost completely recovered, which is great as I am running off this week to preach in camp.

2. Pray for me as I travel to Tapah, Perak to preach in a university student camp. Pray for mercy journey and good health. The organizers are putting me into a tent and sleeping on the ground! Feast of booths?

3. Pray that the HS will minister to them and challenge them to worship, love and serve the Lord. Pray that they will be challenged to cultivate a deeper walk with Jesus, for indeed He is the only way.

4. After the camp, I will be preaching in some churches and fellowships, and giving Bible studies. I do hope to catch up with some of you in Klang Valley.

5. Yesterday, Jessie (my beloved wife) had her Oral Defense for her PhD thesis. PTL! They have approved it. She will do some minor revisions, and submit it by Jan 08. She will then officially receive her scroll in July 08.

6. Thank you for all your prayers! After 6 long years – with an unplanned pregnancy & nurturing an active child – she has managed to finish it! It’s an early birthday gift for her (actual is 28th Nov). Thank you for all your encouragements.

7. And now, its’ my turn to suffer! I just finished attending the one-week lecture for the 2nd module of my Doctorate in Ministry (DMin) program.,en/ I will have another 5 more lecture modules in the next 3 years (twice a year) before writing the thesis.

8. I anticipate the soonest I can complete the DMin is by 2010! I probably will have to take some time off from my travels, if I want to finish on time. In looking back, I should have completed this 10 years ago! But regrettably due to the lack of finances, exposure, and opportunity, I embarked on this journey late.

9. Hence, I am trying to encourage (and harass!) as many young working adults as I can, to get them started on their theological education so that they can be better equipped to serve the Lord.

10. Its such a shame (and waste) that many of them do not start, or if they do start, do not complete it. Hence, I am trying to mobilize whoever wherever I go, as I observe the frightening trend of Biblical literacy literally going to the litter! Pray for me as I endeavor to activate them.

May the sovereign God finds delight in our worship of Him!

That’s all for now!

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