Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Grace!

14 Dec 2007

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for keeping us in prayer! As mentioned in the previous prayer letter, I was the camp speaker for a local Kuala Lumpur (KL) university fellowship.

2. I shared about the grace of God and how it impacts our lives. I took the opportunity to correct some popular but imbalance teachings, and taught about biblical grace and responsible grace living. I believed the Spirit ministered to many lives through His life-changing Word.

3. Continue to pray that these young undergraduates will get into the Word and become the next generation of spiritual leaders for the kingdom of God. Pray they will wisely and boldly proclaim the exclusive grace of Christ in a multi-religious, multi-cultural and pluralistic society.

4. Pray for me as I consider how to minister to them NOW, especially when I observe a number of them have a strong passion for the Lord. RAISE THEM UP TO BE YOUR SERVANTS, LORD!

5. After the camp, I took the opportunity to visit and preach in a number of smaller and out of the city churches. I took the opportunity to pray with and encourage these faithful pastors, who are truly the unsung heroes of the kingdom. As Nehemiah prayed, remember them with favor, Lord (5:19).

6. Interestingly, the Lord opened up doors to preach in English-speaking, Malay-speaking and Chinese-speaking congregations. There were no problems with the English- and Malay language services. But I needed help with the Chinese language services!

7. Pray for me as I continue to struggle to pick up Mandarin, even as the Lord seems to be sending more of such individuals along my path. I would love to have a harvest among them and present them before the Lord (Rom 1:13; 15:16).

8. Pray for me as I seek the Lord’s mind about making regular trips back to Klang Valley. I need His wisdom, assurance, and empowerment as I consider Jessie’s and Anastasia’s needs, and my doctorate studies.

9. Another thing that I observed is that many churches are into church building funds to the point that they don’t have time to do personal follow up and discipling. The old disease of trying to mass produce disciples has infected the thinking of many church leaders. It would take them a couple more decades before they realized the weakness of this method, and revert to the biblical method. Indeed disciple making is a lost art.

Every believer in Jesus Christ deserves the opportunity of personal nurture and development.
But all too often the opportunity isn't there. We neglect the young Christian in our whirl of programs, church services and fellowship groups. And we neglect to raise up workers and leaders who can disciple young believers into mature and fruitful Christians.

10. Pray for me to have greater spiritual authority, greater financial breakthroughs, and greater ministry effectiveness. There is so much to be done – I need to stay focus and worship Jesus and draw divine strength and guidance from Him. I need more grace and favor!

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