Friday, April 4, 2008

Expose these mediums and their cheating ways

Ex-hawker loses RM150,000 to mediums

Saturday April 5, 2008

A WOMAN lost RM150,000 to three mediums over the past 20 years, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The 55-year-old retired hawker, identified only as Madam Chong, sought the mediums’ advice on almost everything, from her children’s education, career, friends to visa application status.

She only realised that she had fallen into their trap when she ran out of money and could not pay for their “services” recently.

Chong decided to tell her story to the public to advise them not to follow her footsteps in a press conference arranged by MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau chief Datuk Michael Chong on Thursday.

She said she began thanksgiving rituals after befriending the mediums 20 years ago.

“I paid over RM1,000 for the mediums to perform prayers yearly. For additional services and advice, I had to pay extra,” she said.

Chong said when her son was arrested for selling pirated discs in 1994, she spent over RM30,000 for the mediums prayers' to “protect” him but he was still charged in court.

She added that she had also paid more than RM10,000 for her daughter’s safety but she was detained by police for a week.

“My most stupid moment was last year when I failed to get a visa to visit the United States.

“I paid several hundred ringgit for a talisman but my application was still rejected,” she said.

Michael Chong said the mediums’ acts have ruined the good name of other temples.

He urged other victims to come forward and expose these mediums and their cheating ways.

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