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I’m moving on you personally so you’re FILLED with faith, so a new faith dimension is in operation in you

Daniel 12:4 AMOS 3:7 2 Chronicles 7:14

Prophecy by Chuck Pierce at JUBILEE Seminar In Penang of Malaysia on 16 August 2007

This is the time to awaken and receive the wind of change here in Malaysia. Now, let’s decree right now that there will be a new wind beginning to blow right now across Malaysia. Father, we call in the wind of revival here in Malaysia. We ask You, Lord, to blow in. Lord, we thank You for Penang. We ask for that revival wind to blow across Penang. We ask You, right now, to blow mightily across this nation. Father, we ask that You begin to move on us in a whole new way. {Sound of shofar} Father, we hear the sound of the shofar and we say, right now, heaven is releasing a new wind. {Sound of Shofars being blown}.

Now, receive the wind of heaven coming down upon us while we are here. {Sound of Shofars being blown} Father, we announce to every principality and power. We make an announcement, by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, His Spirit is going to move in, in a new way, throughout this land.

Now, I believe in this season in Malaysia, you need to recognize God is looking down and He’s looking from region to region in all 13 of your states here. And He’s saying: Where are My 7 key churches that are moving forward with Me? And if you will begin to identify them…… It doesn’t just have to be 7. Remember, they can be 14, 21, 28, 35, 49. But, remember, God works in ‘7’s to bring His process in. If you would start looking in every state of this nation to pinpoint where the Spirit of God is moving or where the Spirit of God intends to move in those 13 states, you would start defining the next move of God for this whole nation. It’s time for transformation to come into Malaysia.

You’ve got groups that are there: One covenantally aligned with God; the other group is not covenantally aligned with God. And, yet, God has already positioned some key people for influence.

Now hear me. You’re entering into a new season beginning next year. Now hear what I’m saying to you. Beginning next year, God is going to start forcing a conflict. I woke up this morning and at 4.00 a.m. this morning, when I was seeking the Lord, He said, “The conflicts of the heaven have already begun in Malaysia. And I’m creating a people that will rise up in the midst of these conflicts and be the turning point that I need in the earth realm.”

Now hear what I’m saying to you: God is going to force the enemy structures to take notice of His kingdom plan in this land. What is God doing? What’s He trying to do? See, the prophetic works in four dimensions.

1. It works personally. What’s He trying to do in you personally? Why is it important that we are all here personally in Malaysia?

2. It works corporately. Who are you connected with? See? Paul shared one of his key connections this morning. Who are you connected with? That’s part of your field. That’s part of the group you’re with. In other words, your prophetic destiny is linked in to the whole of those you are connected with.

3. The prophetic works territorially. Where are you positioned? Are you positioned right for your future? Or is God moving you to a different territory so your gift can begin to operate in a new way? Are you aware that He will move you from one place to another because He knows you are not positioned right physically?

4. The prophetic works generationally. In other words, what I am doing today is affecting my six children and all the spiritual children I have connected to

See, Jubilee is not a Malaysia thing. It’s a biblical thing. See? This isn’t a Malaysia thing that is going on here. Somewhere or another in your culture, you’re saying, “We’re going to use the biblical concept of the Bible to present in this nation.” It was God who created Jubilee. So, all of a sudden, even the Moslems are participating in Jubilee in Malaysia. It’s amazing. They might not even know it because God created the Jubilee concept. See? And, so, here you are in Jubilee.

Then He told me this. He said, “I want you to teach My people about the First Fruits concept. See, what will happen at Jubilee: you would present a special offering, another first fruit offering. And, see, once you’ve learned the concept of first fruits, you’re always giving God your best. The Lord said, “Teach My people how to give Me their best and I will make sure they have the best”

See, here’s the way I see Malaysia. It has this window of heaven open. It’s not just your Jubilee time. It’s your moment in time. It’s your kairos time. And, do you know when you’re a part of a territory and it’s your kairos time, all of a sudden, God’s going to come down and meet with His people first. He’s not going to meet with people who don’t know Him. He’s not going to meet with the people who’re resisting Him. He’s going to meet with YOU first. He’s going to start moving upon you personally. He’s going to start moving on you corporately. He’s going to start moving you into a new dimension of understanding so you know how to move into the future.

The Word of God is coming down to you right now. It’s dividing asunder soul and spirit. It’s causing things to the left to be cut off, causing things to the right to be cut off.

See, one of the things the Lord showed me is that there was a movement coming from the right filled with divination to try to stop you from being creative to advance. He showed me there was a movement coming from the left trying to set an order that is not His plan of order. And God says, “Right now, I’m raising a people up through this narrow place. I’m moving on you personally so you’re FILLED with faith, so a new faith dimension is in operation in you, so you advance in a new way, because this is the time that I’m POURING down on you, I’m moving on you.”

Now, at this time, we need to see the greater purposes of God that He has. This is what the Lord spoke to me. This is where it became(?) very important for you today. While I was seeking the Lord this morning for you, He said to me. See, that’s why it’s easy for me to travel. I don’t get a lot of jetlag because I’m always up between 3 and 6. See? And He was saying to me, He said, “The conflict has begun. But tell My people to open their
eyes. I have greater
resources for them than they know. I have greater revelation for them.” Very important time.

There’s three generations that must align here in Malaysia right now and move forward because this is a time that you can begin your process of overcoming all. Now hear what I am saying to you. And though you feel like you are a minor force in this nation, God says, “Tell them to open their eyes. They have a greater influence right now because I’m putting a new mantle on them. Then, they know. I’m going to begin to use them in peculiar ways so the entire world takes notice of the changes that start next year in Malaysia.”

(1) Now, I don’t know what this means, but I want to say this prophetically to you. The Lord told me there are two pillars in this land that must shake and fall. And the Lord says, “I’m going to give My people strategy to push those pillars down and watch them fall. Then a new foundation’s coming into this nation that will and has not been seen in other nations

The sound of worship is going to start penetrating the atmosphere of every state in this nation. Many of you will come just to receive a worship anointing, then go back to where you came from. There’s a new move of God going to come on worship in this land. The worship movement is now going to begin.

And He said this, “Tell My people to see into a new dimension, to open their eyes, because even though there is great conflict over this nation, I have the host of heaven that’s coming to interact with you.”

“And I would say to you in these days of celebrations there is a clash in the heavenlies that’s occurring. And I would say clash after clash are beginning to arise. The contention of the heavens are coming into alignment. But I say I have a sound in My people and I have a mantle that I’m putting upon them that now they will rise up in favour,” saith the Lord.

(2) “I would say to you there are two political pillars that My people must address in days ahead.

(3) “I say, for My people, the prophetic anointing must flow in a new way through this land. For I am creating a new leadership that will rise up from state to state to state that will cause My people to move into freedom and advance.

(4) “And I say to you there is another pillar that will begin to rise up and it will be one from the enemy’s camp that will favour My people for the next 7 years. I say to you another will rise up and there will be great conflict in the government of this nation. I say allow the government of this nation, the civil government, to contend with each other for it will cause My people to find a window of freedom to advance forward. “I say to you, receive the mantle I am giving you this hour.”

Now, Father, I loose the seer anointing across this nation. I say Your people will begin to see the angelic intervention that You’re sending to help.

(5) “I say there will be a new uniting of your next government in this land that is linked with your spiritual government.” saith the Lord.

(6) Now I want to say this to you, beginning next year in January 2008 for 10 months, you will be confronting in prayer certain spirit is trying to hold you captives. Months after months, next year becomes a year that the church goes into intercession in a new way.

Remember at the tenth confrontation, God says now, put the blood on the door post, I’m going to Passover, I’m going to Passover. See, blood is always required. Now here is what I want to say to you, God’s children, the blood and the spirit works together for the glory of God. We don’t operate like other religion. Our confrontation is by the spirit. The blood of the Lord Jesus Christ when we appropriated, forces the glory to be seen in us. We don’t operate for blood shed, none of God’s children operate from the stand point of trying to force religion. Because we operate with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ flowing through our veins, at the certain time the glory of God breaks open and is seen in the land around us…next year, we see a demonstration of God’s authority. See, this is your Jubilee year, this is your year of rest. Moses began to sing prophetically. Miriam began to dance with the tambourines. Are you aware that tambourine was an Egyptian instruments. Miriam took the sound of Egypt and redeemed it before the Lord.

You will begin to announce to the powers and the principalities that the sound of heaven is spreading this nation.

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