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Dr. Gene A. Getz
June 10-13, 2008


To understand God’s principles for leadership in the local church and to discuss how to implement these principles in various cultural situations.



· Considering a basic research design for understanding God’s plan for the local church as it is unfolded in the New Testament.

· Looking at biblical criteria for measuring success in the local church.

· Reviewing vital biblical functions for producing a mature church.

ELDERS AND LEADERS: God’s Plan for Leading the Church

· Learning to “principlize”

· Unfolding the biblical story

· Crystallizing observations on the biblical story

· Formulating and applying supracultural principles


· A biblical perspective on apostles, prophets and teachers

· A biblical perspective on all spiritual gifts



Read carefully The Measure of a Healthy Church by Gene A. Getz (Moody Publishers). As you do, prepare a report on your own local church, using the questions listed at the end of each chapter entitled, “Thinking and Growing Together.” Ideally, it would be best to prepare this project by interacting with several mature believers in your church. However, this may not be possible because of time limitations. Consequently, you can complete this assignment personally.

When possible, verify the answers to each question with one or more specific illustrations.

This paper is due at the beginning of the course sessions.

Suggested length: 10 pages double-spaced.

Note: The purpose of this assignment is to lay a broader biblical foundation for studying the subject of “Elders and Leaders.”


There will be no specific assignments during the four days in class other than to interact with the lectures.


Elders and Leaders

Carefully work through Elders and Leaders: God’s Plan for Leading the Church with a small group of current or prospective leaders in your local church.

Design your own format for this assignment, including your written report on the process. However, at the beginning of the report, describe your format and then use the following questions to prepare this report:

1. Considering each member of your group, what were their most significant new insights?

2. In what sections of the book did you have the most intense discussions and why?

3. What were some of the conclusions in the book that were questionable to members of your group and why? (Give biblical reasons for any disagreements.)

Suggested length: 10 pages double-spaced

Biblical Eldership

Carefully read Alexander Strauch’s book entitled Biblical Eldership (Louis and Roth). Compare Strauch’s research and conclusions with Getz’s research approach and conclusions in Elders and Leaders: God’s Plan for Leading the Church. Answer five basic questions:

1. How does Strauch’s research paradigm differ from Getz’s?

2. How do Strauch’s observations and principles differ from Getz’s?

3. What are the major strengths in both works?

4. What are the major weaknesses in both works?

5. How would you improve on both studies?

Suggested length: 10 pages double-spaced

The Measure of a Man


The following assignment can be done both before and after the class sessions. Carefully work through the latest edition of The Measure of a Man (Regal Books) by Gene A. Getz. If married, do this assignment with your spouse. If you’re not married, work through the material with a close and trusted friend.

It’s suggested that you and your spouse or friend each read a chapter separately and then discuss the questions listed at the end of each chapter under the caption—“Thinking and Growing Together.”

Using feedback from your spouse or friend, write out at least one goal you would like to achieve in your life as a result of the specific quality described in each chapter.

Suggested length: 10 pages double-spaced

Note: This is a confidential assignment and will be read only by the class instructor.

The Measure of a Woman


Carefully work through the latest edition of The Measure of a Woman (Regal Books) by Gene and Elaine Getz and follow the same procedures as listed above.

Suggested length: 10 pages double-spaced

Primal Leadership

Carefully review and evaluate Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee (Harvard Business School Press).

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the basic thesis of this book?

2. What areas in this book would you question theologically?

3. What do Christian leaders need to learn from this book that we often overlook?

Suggested length: 10 pages double-spaced

Note: with the exception of the personal assignment for men and the personal assignment for women, all of these post-course assignments should be done after the in-course experience.


Elders and Leaders Field Guide

A curriculum has been developed for the Elders and Leaders study based on a number of “issues” faced by current Governance Boards. This material is designed to be intensely interactive based on a “six-step wisdom process”:

Step 1: grasp the issue

Step 2: study the Scriptures

Step 3: consult other sources

Step 4: form a response

Step 5: discuss the issues

Step 6: take action to obey

For more information, contact:

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Grace Products has developed an interactive video series (Part 1, Part 2) now on DVD, that covers each quality listed by Paul in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and developed in The Measure of a Man by Gene A. Getz. Each video segment includes a life story to illustrate each quality of maturity, two brief expository presentations by Gene, followed by questions for interaction and response.

For more information, contact:

Grace Products

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