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We must beware of eating demons hiding in Chinese food!

The article below is one of the funniest and craziest article i have ever read over the years! Only individuals with a great sense of humor should read this! The author according to his website is "committed to historical Biblical Christianity. We seek to be thoroughly Biblical, comprehensively catholic, and true to the Reformation faith." All those with reformed faith must now abstain from eating any dim sum, noodles, fishballs - all Chinese food!

The Menace of Chinese Food
by James B. Jordan
December, 1984

[This essay was originally published in Presbyterian Heritage 5 (Dec. 1984), a newsletter of Geneva Ministries. Some very slight corrections and additions have been made here.]

One of the unrecognized and most deadly evil of modern life’s facets is Chinese food.
Most people are wholly unaware of the critical nature of the Chinese food question, and blithely continue to participate in this wicked and dangerous activity: eating Chinese food. Of course, to speak against such a hallowed institution as Chinese food is to be regarded as a fanatic, or even as sacrilegious, but we must be true to the faith!

A moment’s reflection by any serious and committed Christian will show transparently
why Chinese food must be rejected. Chinese food is an expression of Eastern monism. Not only does it come from the East, the heart of the world’s most sophisticated paganism (which in itself is reason to reject it as dangerous); it also in its very nature and composition reflects the monistic philosophy of the East.

Christianity gives equal ultimacy to the one and the many. In the West, this has meant that on one’s plate there are several kinds and portions of food: salad, vegetables, meat, and dessert. These are not, however, all mixed up together in a monistic unity, but are left diverse. It is the harmony and combination of the various foods, eaten one bite at a time, which gives expression to unity and diversity.

Chinese food, however, tries to break this down. All the foods — salad, vegetables, meats, and sweets — are mixed together in an attempt to destroy diversity and create a food-monad. This is obviously perverted and evil. Beyond this, sweet and sour are mixed together, in accordance with the philosophy of yin and yang. What could be more pagan?

There is more. Because the perverse nature of Chinese food causes it to be so intrinsically unpalatable to the human tongue, vast quantities of monosodium glutamate are added to make it taste better. Now, monosodium glutamate, or M.S.G. as it is popularly known, is recognized to be a poison, causing hyperactivity in children and cancer in adults. Not only is Chinese food pagan, it is also poisonous.

It is also idolatrous. This is in part due to the addicting nature of M.S.G., which causes the widely-recognized “Chinese restaurant syndrome.” The present writer, however, has further cause for alarm. Over the years I have tried to alert friends and family to the danger of Chinese food, and I have always met with rejection and ridicule. There can be only one possible reason for this — an idolatrous attachment to Chinese food. Why won’t people give it up? The arguments I have presented are clear as crystal, and obviously Scriptural and Christian. The reason can only be that people have an idolatrous attachment to Chinese food.

Non-Christians, of course, are more crazy about Chinese food than are Christians. I say this: Anything the pagans are that crazy about must be evil, and so Christians should keep as far away from it as possible.

There is still more. Few modern Christians have studied the classic exposé of Chinese
food by Alexander Slipshod: The Four Babylons. Slipshod in his masterful work demonstrates beyond a shadow of doubt that Chinese food originated at the Tower of Babel. Nimrod and three of his cousins, descendants of the four sons of Ham and known as the “gang of four,” developed Chinese food as a subtle means of undermining the true faith. People would become addicted to Chinese food, they believed, and as they ingested the food, they would absorb the monistic philosophy. For instance, if they ate sweet and sour pork, they would become committed to the philosophy of yin and yang. This has surely proved to be the case! We must beware of eating demons hiding in Chinese food! (Slipshod’s book has, I am aware, not been well treated by
reviewers. Its arguments, however, are obviously correct. Let the reader obtain a copy and find out for himself. The reviewers, obviously, are Chinese food addicts.)

How did Chinese food come into the West? Slipshod shows that it was the Bishop of
Rome who introduced Chinese food into the Christian world. Do we ever read about Chinese food in the New Testament? No, of course not. So, I rest my case. It can only be a Romish plot to destroy God’s true faith. Do we read anything about Chinese food in the Westminster Confession of Faith? No; so clearly the WCF is totally opposed to all Chinese food.

Have you ever noticed how fanatical people are about Chinese food? Not only do they eat the stuff, but they are willing to pay money for it. They even set up and support Chinese restaurants, wholly given over to the production of this evil, poisonous, idolatrous, and subversive food. When you try to get people to quit eating Chinese food, they act as if you are crazy. The whole world has to stop, just so they can eat their darling sin — Chinese food!

Like Luther before me, HERE I STAND! And if others do not like it, then it must be


informed-charismatic said...

Hi bro ong, tks for your article, that indeed crazy idea!!! some more reformed! I thot only charismatic could ever produce such thing. he is confused-reformed..haha!

anyway, your article is 1984, too ancient text lah!

I wish to warn too, many english educated , charismatic background
, like to demonise chinise dragon, say that this is demonic culture...try best to avoid such icon.. but as for me, a veteren in chinese culture and language, belive that, this is foolish idea! in this respect, I am true, informed-reformed.. haha.

anyway, I think you wouldnt publish this comment, a bit sensitive, or maybe you too, as mission man, find discomfort with dragon??? haha! Hopefully, I am presumptuos as to annoy you..

finaly, I am actually charismatic! not reformed ppl...

Global-South said...

Hi Informed-charismatic!

TQ 4 your most interesting and informed response! :)

Though the article is from 1984, it still serve as a "wonderful" example of how Christians think! or rather don't think!

A quick check, the author is still alive and coming out with many other articles! But none as "good" as the one that i just blogged! :)

I dun have too much problems with Chinese dragons too! I will be teaching on CONTEXTUALIZATION next year in a Bible school, and I hope to discuss on Bible and Chinese dragons and a host of other things. I welcome your input!

I am not sure whether i am informed or reformed - most think i am deformed rather than transformed. :)

Let's hope we dun have to perform and fill in the forms! lest we evolved to be formless.

Thus here I stand! ... holding my char siew pau and eating the xiaolong pau!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Bro Ong, for being able to dig out such a sublimely-written "expose"! A real classic! Of course all respect is reserved to the writer for being able to stay away from Chinese food!!
When I'm down and depressed I shall re-read this article to chase the blues away. After all laughter, they say is the best medicine.

Tremonti said...

I cant tell which part of Luther's theology he is ascribing to?haha. Hilariously disturbing!!!!!

informed-charismatic said...

Luther not reformed leh, but calvinism is reformed!

nowadays, James Dunn of Durham University and his many many students, advancesthe new perspective of Pauline thelogy. he says, Luther mis understood Paul, in his doctrine of Justtification by faith alone.

James Dunn wants to make Luther a confused-evangelical... haha..

let the theologians argue, we informed-charismatic stay out..

focus at our mission likes this rethoric

Justin Long said...

Skimming (admittedly very fast) the article here in the blog, one is left with the question of whether the guy is serious or not. Readers of this blog should click through to find the whole of the original article. This is about 1/3rd of the original article, which is more about Christmas trees and the extra-Biblical ideas we commit to doctrine. It's a great article!