Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More of the Word!

4 March 2009

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. TQ for your prayers, encouragement, and support during the last 2 weeks of hectic teaching and ministry. In the first weekend, I was preaching in a Malay-language congregation, located in the heart of the shopping belt of Klang Valley. A number of them are working as feet reflexologists, masseuses, students, security guards, taxi drivers, and others.

2. The church is strategically reaching out to a lot of these tribal people working there and seek to disciple them in their walk with Jesus. Many of them do not have a strong foundation in the Word, and hence easily convert to other religion. Pray for the leaders who are committed to raising up spiritual leaders among them.

3. Then I was in Bible college (Mon – Thur) to teach 2 courses – Premarital Counseling [PMC] (7pm-10pm) and Ezra-Nehemiah (8am-12pm). One of the full-time pastoral students is from the aborigine (OA) tribe from the state of Perak.

4. Upon learning who her pastor-father is, I told her I was the interpreter for her parents’ wedding around 23-24 years ago! I knew her when she was just one two years old, and she is now 22 years – in Bible school to be trained as a pastor. How time flies!

5. Another of the student, was someone whom I was looking for and whom I had lost contact since 1989/90. He is in his 40s and has since become a lay pastor in his church. The Lord seems to be bringing the past back to me.

6. In between the break of the first and second week of classes, I went to another church to help in their church strategic planning. I was playing the role of a church consultant and leading the discussion with the 4 pastors about the direction and vision of their church.

7. On Sunday I preached in an Eng-Chinese service. One of the church leaders, was someone whom I had met once, 20 years ago when I was ministering in the universities. At that time, this leader was a student, and came for one of the house services where I was preaching.

8. This was unusual as he is Chinese, and the service was in Malay-language with majority tribal peoples. He said I had prayed for him and gave a prophetic word. Since then, we had not met until late last year. He has become a successful businessman and one of the individuals that I had been discipling, happen to be working for him. So he recommended me to the church pastor and invited me to preach in the church.

9. Just before the service started, while talking to the pastor, something she mentioned reminded me of one my fellow student in seminary days. I then realized that the pastor was the sister in law of my fellow seminarian in Spore whom I had not met for 8-9 years. The past is catching up on me!

10. Then it was back to teaching in Bible college. During the second week, I preached in the chapel services encouraging about 70 trainee pastors to fulfill their roles as discerning priests unto the Lord. I am also encouraged that there are a number of mainland Chinese studying there to equip themselves further for the ministry. They have been in ministry for a number of years and are here in Klang Valley to upgrade themselves. They are very vibrant in their prayer life, probably due to the years of persecution in China.

11. During the weekend, I took the opportunity to teach different college students and challenged them to get deeper into the Word of God. I wish I can do more with the uni students as most of them desire to know the Word but not enough people to teach them. Pray for me as I may have to re-strategize myself.

12. On Sunday morning, I preached in an African church in Klang Valley. This was the same one that I preached a few months ago when they just opened. They are about 6 months old now and have started to reach out to the local Malaysians – a few of them have accepted the Lord. Indeed God uses whoever that avail themselves to Him.

13. After that African service, I was off to preach in a Malay-language service in the afternoon. It’s the church first youth celebration service, though a good number of old people came to the service as well. Seeing the tribal people always stir something in me. They need a lot of grounding and commitment in the Word, if they are going to energetically serve the Lord.

14. There are so many needs and so little time. Pray that I may receive wisdom and have an effective ministry among the various groups. Pray for the Lord’s anointing.

May Jesus reign in our hearts, our families, and our nations! May He alone be worthy to receive all praise and honor!

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