Thursday, February 12, 2009

Marriage and Walls

12 Feb 2009

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for praying for us. Past few weeks have been hectic as I was preparing my notes. I would be leaving this weekend to Klang Valley for 2 weeks to teach in the seminary there.

2. Pray for me as I will be lecturing 2 courses, the books of Ezra-Nehemiah and Premarital Counseling. Pray that the pastors and church leaders will be better equipped for ministry and leading their churches after completing the course.

3. During the weekends, I will be preaching in several congregations. Pray that the HS will minister to the hearers and stir their hearts to live passionately for the Savior, especially during this time of economic slowdown and political uncertainty.

4. Pray for me to have wisdom and strength as I continue to disciple the different individuals that God has entrusted. There is a growing number of them but I have not been able to follow through with some of them.

5. Further, I need greater discernment to select those that will choose to seek the kingdom of God first in their lives, especially those who desire to enter into full-time ministry. I sense that I have not raised enough leaders into the full-time ministry for the past few years. I may need to prune some of my ministry involvements to be more strategic.

6. Pray for me to have more financial supporters during this time of economic downturn. Some have been badly affected. I continue to trust the Lord our Great Provider so that I can minister freely to all.

7. Thank you for your continual prayer covering for Jessie and Anastasia. Jessie has been extremely buzy with work after her PhD studies, and now buzy taking care of Ana (who is 3 years, 2 months old now). I have been exhibiting the absent dad syndrome.

8. I hope to take a short break next year, 2010, to spend more time with them as well as to start writing my doctoral thesis, which I have delayed! Prayerfully, I can finish by end-2011.

And in case no one has wished you, let me wish you a Jubilant Valentine’s Day! May you fall in love with the Savior, who demonstrated the Greatest Love in the Whole universe!

Character is something that is built and proven over time. And the way we develop character in our lives is by consistently making choices to follow God's way--not our own way--each and every day.

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