Monday, February 2, 2009

Where are the Leaders?

2 Feb 2008

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for your prayers during the camp in Cameron Highlands. The Lord ministered to many of them.

2. There were about 170 campers, comprising of Orang Asli, Sabah/Sarawak, and Indonesians, and a sprinkling of West Malaysians. They came from many states, representing about 16 congregations.

3. On the final night, I gave an altar call for those who desire to go into full-time ministry, and about 30 of them came forward. Many of them indicated their hunger to serve the Lord, despite low financial support.

4. At the present, the Malay language services are experiencing growth, but they do not have enough trained spiritual leaders. This is a critical need for the future survival and growth of these congregations. In my travels, I have observed significant declined of church attendance because of this problem.

5. This is one of the major reasons why I invest a lot of time teaching in the various seminaries – prayerfully, it can nurture a significant number of skilled pastors. And God willing, in the next decade, I hope to write and publish commentaries in that language for the pastors.

6. Another major problem for the tribal people to enter into full-time Christian ministry is money, as many of them come from poor and large families. In addition, the congregations are also poor and unable to give – and made worse by lack of Biblical teaching on giving and stewardship. That’s why I spend time to minister among them as the need is great.

7. So pray along that all those who responded to the altar call will be able to respond totally to the Lord’s dealings in their lives. I am trusting for a great harvest of pastors and spiritual leaders in the next few years to come.

8. Pray for me as I prepare to teach 2 courses in Bible school this month as well as the preaching ministries during the weekends. Pray for wisdom, strength, and HS anointing. Continue to pray for greater financial blessings even during this economic downturn so that I can be able to minister freely to others.

Surrender our lives totally and completely to Jesus. Recognize moment by moment, day by day, that the Holy Spirit is the only One who will enable us to endure. By faith, we draw upon His supernatural resources to live a supernatural life. Only then will we ever be victorious and fruitful for the glory of God.

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