Monday, August 30, 2010

I can only offer Jesus to u

Arthur Fretheim, an Evangelical Covenant pastor who during his career planted six new churches in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Illinois ( the last one when he was 65 years old), said to fellow pastors,

“One thing you learn quickly in church planting is this: All you’ve really got to offer people is Jesus. You don’t have a great choir in the beginning days; you don’t have a youth group; you usually don’t even have a nice building. The only ‘draw’ you’ve got is the Savior. And guess what - that’s enough!”

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Anders Branderud said...


Comment to your post:
The name of the historical Messiah was Ribi Yehoshua. His name was later redacted into Jesus. His authentic teachings were redacted into the “gospel of Matthew” [note 1]. In his true teachings one finds that he taught – just what is written in the Jewish Bible (which Christians calls the “GT”) – that humankind are required to do their utmost to keep the directives in Torah [“the books of Moses”] non-selectively. [note 1]

Ribi Yehoshua was not a “Saviour”. He was not an “incarnate man-god”. He was a human. Ribi Yehoshua – the Messiah - lived and kept Torah – i.e. kept the directives in the “books of Moses” - with the sincerest of his heart, died innocently and became a sacrifice. Because of this the Creator can give His forgiveness for the shortcomings in keeping the directives in Torah of everyone doing his/her sincerest to keep His Instructions found in Torah; and to everyone turning away from their Torah-breaches to instead starting to do their sincerest to keep the Creators’ Instructions in Torah. This is perfectly in accordance with Yekhezeqeil [“Hezekiel”] 18 and Yeshayahu [“Isaiah”] 1:17-18 in Hebrew.

Relating to the Creator exactly in the same way Ribi Yehoshua did – by observing the Creators directives in “the books of Moses” is very meaningful –including having a REAL relation to the Creator , which is highly meaningful!

1.Documentation of redaction in this link
2. All statements proved in the website Netzarims website