Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Satan’s 2000 A.D. Project

Somewhere in 2000 A.D. some Satanists gathered for a meeting. They finished their meeting and went away but they forgot a document. A believer found that document. Let me read to you what is on that document; so that you will know what is going on.

They titled the Document Satan’s 2000 A.D. Project.


1. Don’t permit them to read their Bible. Interest them in reading anything but the bible. Let them read amusing stories and magazines from our library. Let them read books that are not useful to their spiritual lives. Let us ask ourselves whether they are succeeding or not. Many will buy their newspapers and read it from page to page. Some will even underline the sentences of a newspaper and read the obituaries. But the Bible, no.

2. Push them into becoming lazy about prayers because if you allow them to pray, the spirit of their God will discover our plans and they will overcome us.

3. Let them hate fasting because if they fast they will be strong.

4. Don’t allow them to love one another. Remove sincere love from their midst.

5. Let them hate holiness messages with perfect hatred.

6. Let them criticize one another.

7. Give them freedom in cleverness and lying.

8. Let them know about the return of Jesus Christ, but let them think that there is still time so that they will not be prepared.

9. They must not witness or preach the gospel. Tell those of them who have Television to stay in front of it for hours and hours

10. Ask them to remain poor by forbidding them to tithe and for making them ignorant on removing the wealth of our people.

And Lucifer signed the paper.

Close your eyes and pray like this “Agenda of Satan, you will not prosper in my life in the name of Jesus.”

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