Thursday, August 19, 2010

contemporary understandings and developments

Course Requirements (Revised)
August 1, 2010

Recommended Readings:

Bob Davies and Lori Rentzel, Coming Out of Homosexuality, Inter-
Varsity Press, 1993.

VanGoethem, Jeff. Living Together, Kregel Publications, Michigan,

Williams, Brian Keith. Ministering Graciously to the Gay and Lesbian
Community, Destiny Image Publishers, 2005.

Halverson, Dean. The Compact Guide to World Religions, Bethany
House Publishers, Minnesota, 1996. (Relevant topics only)

Fraser, Robert. Marketplace Christianity, New Grid Publishing, 2004

Stevens, R. Paul. The Other Six Days, William Eerdmans,. 1999.

Required Readings:

Lutzur, Erwin W. The Truth About Same Sex Marriage, Moody
Publishers, Chicago, 2004.

Stevens, R. Paul. Doing God’s Business, William Eerdmans, 2006.

Tong, Daniel. Chinese Traditions and Beliefs, Genesis, Singapore. 2003

Jack Balswick and Judith Balswick, The Family, Baker Academic, 2008.

(Book report: minimum 900 words for each book. First three books due on first day of class session. Last book (Balswick) due with Final Reflection Paper, see Post-Course assignment).

Pre-course Assignment:

Write a research paper on any area of personal interest to you that directly relates to one of the following subjects: Living Separate Lives and Divorce, or Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriages, or Building Strong Christian Families.

Your research paper must be at least 4,500 words, including footnotes and a bibliography (At least ten books). (Double line spacing; Arial font size 12). Due on the first day of class session.

Post-Course Assignment:

A Reflection Paper in two equal parts:

Part A: Review all course work done and write a synthesis of your learning – your insights, new ideas and thoughts, questions, and the way you have resolved issues personally, things you had to “unlearn”. This is therefore a REFLECTION PAPER of everything you have learned and unlearned in the 5 days in class.

Part B: Explore in depth any single aspect of the issues covered over the five days i.e. Issues on Marriage and Sexuality, Issues on Interfaith Dialogue, Issues on Evangelism in the Marketplace. Among other things, your research should also cover such aspects on the subject as contemporary understandings and developments, theological positions you take, one or two case studies, and how your findings and thoughts may be applied in practical ways in your area of work.

Please note that the subject matter of this Reflection Paper must be different to that of the subject matter of your pre-course research paper.

The Reflection Paper must be at least 15,000 words long. Clarity of writing, comprehensiveness of overview and quality (depth) of insight about issues, will mark excellent work. Include footnotes, references, and quotes, and bibliography. (Single line spacing; Arial font size 12). This Reflection Paper carries 45% of your final total grade. Date due to be announced.

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