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God has planned for us a Season of Acceleration

UK Prophetic Council’s Collective Word For 2009
February 04, 2009

Category: Prophetic Words

By: UK Prophetic Council

God is now asking us to prepare a place to host His presence, to be catalysts to bring His power and glory into the church and community. God will pull us together in unity through unprecedented ways. That we can partner with Him during this time of fulfilling prophecy. God wants us to be the answers. And He will give a year of victory for those who will rule with His dominion.

The Major Thrust of 2009: New Wineskins and New Wine

God is looking for those who have developed and are producing innovative receptacles and fresh vessels for His Kingdom in every sphere. These vessels are New Wineskins. The spheres to influence are: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts/ Entertainment and Business. As Rev 11:15 says, “…The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord…”

Today’s new wineskin has Structure: The Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers who are equipping God’s people for the work of the ministry.

Today’s new wineskin has Strategy: Every Believer is a minister who has been equipped and released. This commission is the Saints Movement.

Today’s new wineskin has a Message: The Gospel of the Kingdom of God is the message. This Advancing Kingdom message must be demonstrated with power.

Today’s new wineskin has Momentum: It is the Army of the Lord; Joel’s violent, militant army. It is the new intimate Worshipping Warriors.

When we provide these New Wineskin then God pours in the New Wine. The New Wine is: God’s Glory, God’s Goodness, God’s Blessings and God’s Presence. This New Wine is as Isaiah expressed (Isa 65:8) it is found in the cluster…and a blessing is in it. 2009 brings a new mixture of God’s goodness, blessing, presence and glory, creating something new.

There will be many Responses to New Wineskins and seemingly forced change. Persecution will look like increased legalism and control. A false unity will arise bringing more separation between true and false. A denominational religious spirit always seeks to kill the new emerged. There will even be a release of a deception doctrine concerning why some don’t have the presence of God. One of our downfalls as a nation and a church in times past has been to advance through Empirism. Today as we collide with Saul’s religious mountain we must have a Kingdom mentality.

There are more volatile shakings coming to the earth. So God has planned for us a Season of Acceleration. In this season we will be faced with defining choices, taking a leap into the future, and walking in faith without seeing the next step. We will even be challenged in our faith with understanding the spirit realm.

As we come up higher we will find our need for clean hands, pure heart and a change to our garments, (Zac 3 & 4 – 7). We will have Zerubbable’s finisher’s anointing if we deal with a spirit of fear and negative cycles in our lives.

We are to make room for God’s presence to empower the church for mobilization, preparing for harvest, and calling in resources . This will help shift us from the exploration to the explosion of the miraculous, bringing real partnership across church and communities. This is Kingdom culture vs. Church culture.

Kingdom Culture vs. Church Culture

As we focus on the Kingdom culture there will be a renewing of our path (national destiny). As a nation the UK will launch into Europe and shine in 2009. We will establish influence as in Is 59:19. We will be known as Deliverers and Peacemakers shining with Christ likeness and character. Advancing with extravagant praise, extreme generosity and even the media will support the kingdom advance to some degree. God is looking to change structures in governments and nations, especially Islamic nations to bring about a mass conversion to Jesus.

There will be a Repositioning of Alignments vital to your future . Many of your roots will be loosened in order for you to be replanted. This kingdom culture has a different kind of unity, it is Godly alignments and relationships based in Christ like character. This will promote a new cohesion; an intricate unity moving us from our own agenda to reaching out without compromise. We will be refined to release supernatural power in the midst of adversity. All of this pressure brings more shifting and shaking, but it also brings more desperation for God’s presence that releases breakthrough in signs and wonders.

UK and Government: Anyone can be Blessed to Succeed when they Empower Others

There is great favour as we realign to invest more in others. We have entered into a new level of contending against religious legalistic spirits in church, in business and in government. As a Sectarian Spirit is seen in the UK ,God is giving strategies to overcome. Man’s systems have already begun to shake. These systems are losing synchronization, they are out of control. Now is the time for the Daniel’s to speak to national leaders, bringing interpretation to dreams and visions. You will be blessed to succeed when you empower others.

There will be a political shift coming. You will see increasing hostility towards believers. There could be riots (some racially motivated), protests and demonstrations.

As you hear of secret alignments some visible and invisible, remember to intercede for they seek to give a greater level of control and place to an Islamic agenda. Our God is dealing with anything associated with Empire in our motives, in the church and in the nation. God has given us a dominion anointing to govern and establish Gods presence in all spheres.

The Next Generation: God has a Plan to Awaken our Youth to Transform Culture

The next generation still needs Mothers and Fathers. Those called to release the Abrahamic blessing, that through us, all the families of the earth will be blessed. We are called to continue reaching marginalized children using spiritual and governmental authority to influence and impact society. Our children continue to be bombarded with sex education agendas from their early years. Abortion still brings judgment to our land, but God has a plan to awaken our youth to transform culture through the media and music.

Economy: Your Experience of Gods Goodness does not Depend on the Economy

David says in Ps 34:8; “Taste and see that the Lord is good…blessed is the man who trusts in Him.” David also tells us in Ps 23; “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want… His goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.” Our experience of Gods goodness is not dependent upon the economy, but on our understanding and relationship with God.

God is accelerating His purposes in the earth through a global recession. There is a war over the transfer of wealth. The war over wealth includes the harvest of people. Provision will be connected to revelation. Don’t be separated from God’s Prophets. Each Christian must still seek, knock, ask and be obedient to the plans the Holy Spirit personally gives them. But revelation will cause God’s people to have inside information. This is not a bull or bear economy but a lion economy; The Lion of Judah! Revelation will assist the Church to resist recession.

In this Recession there will be a transfer of wealth and a redistribution of wealth. We must learn to take possession of the supply lines and become wise stewards of diverse resources. The wealth and power wars that are happening now are forcing nations to realign. As different nation’s financial institutions support or refuse support for each other there will be realigning of allies. Supply, Land and Power go together so nations will be trying to increase their borders. Dominion wars have begun!

Through 2009 there is an ongoing cleansing of nation’s moral systems with this global economy shaking.

Additional Areas to Pray About:

* Watchmen Intercessors Positioned and Relocated to Divert the Enemy
* Key Leaders (not just spiritual leaders with serious illnesses – cancer)
* Release strategies of increase
* Spirit of control
* Attack on marriages
* Wisdom and Discernment
* Enemy seeks to wear us out by getting us to do things that God did not tell us to do
* Increased emphasis on the land
* False religions increase public coalitions, with religious sectors of the church
* Children are our future
* Spirits of depression
* Communism
* State of the economy will try to align nations and governments to a new world order
* Political gate and media gate
* Protection for UK’s Alliance with Germany

Vision Shared by Barbara Jenkinson on 18-11-08 at the Albion Football Stadium

“I saw a picture of a large jumbo jet stopped in mid-flight and fall to the ground. In its place I saw a number of small gliders-dependent on the wind. I sensed God saying that many ministries, companies and organizations that looked as if they were well established and secure will fail, because they are not (or have stopped being) dependent on Him. In contrast, the gliders are fully dependent on the wind, of His Spirit.”

Prophecy Given by Sharon Stone, 14-11-08, Gildhall, Burton on Trent Days of Deception, Darkness and Discernment

The Lord says; “Deception entered the earth, It entered the garden as a snake, the Deceiver is again waiting at the door.

Like a snake the world is winding around many issues. But, God says; I will surround, support and prop up My people. So Protect your minds, I will even cause you to discern blatant deception from the media.
The serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, continue in the simplicity that is in Me. If one comes and preaches another Jesus, don’t receive a different spirit which I did not give you, don’t accept a different gospel.

Deception is a sign of these last days. So Watch out that no man deceives you. Don’t flatter and deceive yourself it will bring a halt to wisdom. There are false apostles, deceitful workers who appear righteous. But don’t be confused, Satan transformed himself into an angel of light. False prophets will arise with false miracles. There are imposters, wicked men who believe their own lies and deceive others. My elect, Be not deceived, Believe not every spirit, Though some will abandon their faith, following doctrines of devils.

The world is affected by the evil one; that serpent that leads the world astray. Beloved, It is Time to Learn to Discern by the Spirit to avoid the serpent who waits at your door. The Lord says; I will take hold of the dragon, the old snake: Satan the deceiver. I will bind him for a thousand years. I will cast him in the bottomless pit and lock him in with my seal. That Satan will no longer deceive the nations.

My elect, Be not deceived, Believe not every spirit. Learn to perceive clearly between: Good & Evil, Pure & Impure. Discernment can and will Preserve you from the Days of Deception the earth has entered into.

Thank God that He has made a way for His Elect not to be deceived.

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