Monday, October 22, 2007

TQ! Deliverance

22 Oct 2007

Dear Prayer Partners,

1. Thank you for prayers! As mentioned in the previous letter,, I was invited to preach in a tertiary camp in Kuching, Sarawak.

2. The Lord graciously moved among the campers. Around 15 people indicated their desire to accept Jesus for the first time. Then there were many manifestations as the people repented of their sins and were set free from demonic influences.

3. Ministry among people with animistic background would normally have such expressions. There is a lot of spiritual warfare involved due to their close association with the spirit realm. That’s why your intercessory prayers were so critical. Thank you for standing with us and covering us with your prayers.

4. We needed to nurture an atmosphere where the presence of God was conducive to be present. For we know it is only through His glorious power that can set people free from their bondages. I just happened to be the available vessel for Him.

We seek to establish an atmosphere where the presence of God is pleased to dwell. For ONLY in His presence there is deliverance, healing, and victory. May it always be our hearts’ desire to nurture His presence in our lives and ministries!

5. I am back to Spore and have to hit the books for my doctorate course. Thank you for upholding me. It’s hard to study when you are older. The eyes play tricks on you.

6. I will be preaching in a camp in Tapah, Perak, in late November. Pray for the preparations on top of the DMin studies. Pray also that the Lord will minister to the participants. Many of them are in need of a touch from the Father.

7. During this period, I will also be preaching-teaching in various Bible Study groups and services. I really need the Lord’s strength and anointing so that lives will be transformed by the Spirit and His eternal Word.

8. A quick note. I am trying to organize a one-month Malay-language residential discipleship-leadership training course in Kuching, Sarawak in Jan 2008. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance as we are trying to get all the logistics, right individuals to help and teach as well as the appropriate participants.

9. Being the main organizer, I would also have to raise funds to sow and invest into the lives of the participants. Pray for the Lord’s abundant provisions, if this course is His desire. I will share more once details are being worked out. At present, I need more prayers as more ministries are being birthed.

Desire alone is never sufficient, but it is the beginning. Desire must be bathed and immersed with prayer in order for it to explode into reality in our lives.

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